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Dick Davis
Owner DKG Leather

I have had 40 years of leather working and management experience. I managed the Long Beach, CA Tandy Leather store for 25 years. After Tandy Leather closed down in 1999, I along with Keith Mizutani and George Mooers, also former Tandy Leather managers, opened DKG Leather in Long Beach and later opened a retail store in Grand Terrace, CA (both are now closed). My specialties are working with customers requiring bulk leathers that meet their needs, supplying camp crafts needs and working with members of the YMCA Y Guides and Indian Princess programs supplying vests kits.

Because we closed our retail stores, I now work out of my home doing special projects, mail orders and working with large volume customers.

DKG Leather
2235 McNab Avenue
Long Beach, CA. 90815
Phone: 562.400.9844