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Dick Davis - Owner DKG Leather
DKG has the capability to manufacture leather shapes in quantity . . . just submit actual size drawing or tracing and the amount required to Dick Davis by e-mail and he will send you a quote. more...

VISA - DKG Leather is proud to accept Visa as
a payment option.

MASTERCARD - DKG Leather is proud to accept
Mastercard as a payment option.

DISCOVER - DKG Leather is proud to accept
Discover as a payment option.

AMERICAN EXPRESS - DKG Leather is proud to
accept American Express as a payment option.
y guides/princess vests
During the Y Guides/Princess recruiting and induction period, generally late August, September, October and early November, I am available to attend recruiting and/or induction events in the Southern California area to supply the vests. I will have the “try on vests” so the child and adult can determine the proper size. You will need to email me at or call me at 562.400.9844 so I can schedule your event on my calendar. more...